Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thesis Done: Next Up

On Monday I handed in my thesis. I had a great feeling of accomplishment as I drove to Western Connecticut State University to drop it off. This past semester challenged me in many ways, now I just hope the thesis committee accepts my two spec scripts. I wrote a spec for Nickelodeon's True Jackson VP and the other was for FX's Sons of Anarchy (SOA). I really struggled with the SOA script, but thanks to the help of my David and Leslie, my thesis advisers, and Karim I came up with a story. Next up, I plan to submit them to teleplay competitions and some network fellowships.

Last night I watched the final season of the L Word. I finally can catch up on some of my favorite shows. I have to agree with my sister Dawn and say that I was somewhat disappointed by the ending. Oh, well. I also saw the film American Violet. Loved it and highly recommend it. It's going to be nice to once again hang out with my friends, see movies, and watch television on a regular basis. The watching TV thing I will probably curb because although my thesis is done, my work isn't finished. I still have scripts to revises and new ideas to develop. Remember After the Headline (ATF), it's the short film I shot in the fall, I need want to finish the post and get it into some film festivals.

I had my doubts about finishing ATF. I get into these moods where I get down on myself for not doing the perfect job. A few weeks ago I had the privilege to meet the director Mira Nair, she reminded me that it's not about making the perfect film, it's about completing the project. Directing is a craft that is improved by each effort if you learn from your mistakes. I won't give up on the film, I only fail if I do. For now, I eagerly await the edited footage from the editor and in the meantime, focus on my next steps.

I hope I walk on May 22, 2009. I have to continue to hone the skills I gained in my MFA, seek opportunities, and network like my career depends on it, because it does. It will be nice to unwind for two weeks, do some spring cleaning and get myself organized. It's a must if I am to handle the next items of business on my "to do" list.

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