Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes, Finally a Vacation, But No Rest for the Writer in Me

I'm finally taking a vacation. At times the day didn't seem like it would ever come, but it is almost here. In four days I will be on a flight to Aruba with my sister Dawn. I've been looking forward to the trip for a year now. Last year, Dawn and my mom went to Aruba. I was a tad bit jealous of them. I really wanted to go but couldn't because I was in the middle of course work for my MFA and in conference prep mode at work. While they were there, Dawn got lucky and one a free-trip for another week at the resort. Dawn took pity on my, since I couldn't join them the first time and invited me to tag a long this time. Thanks sis.

I can already feel the 85 plus degree sun on my chocolate skin. In my mind I'm walking on the beautiful beaches in sandals embracing the laid-back culture where the slogan is "No problem." And even though I know the locals have problems (heck we all do), I can appreciate their attitude that they don't let their problems get the best of them. I see that as one of the strengths in island cultures. Living in a deadline and success driven society is taxing.

Part of me is going to kick back and chill, but the writer in me is not on vacation. I don't think I want her to be either. I know many of you may be thinking all of me should be on vacation, and part of me agrees with those of you who may hold that opinion. However, I have good reasons for why I can't. One, writers should always be reading and writing. I know I get lax when I don't and right now I need and want my writing to be fresh. Two, I'm on deadline for my thesis, which is due in about five or six weeks (not sure at this point). I have finished one script which makes me feel good, but the script still needs to be tweaked to get it at the professional level I need it to be at. Plus, I still have my one-hour spec to write for Sons of Anarchy (SOA) and this is going to demand everything I've got creatively.

I plan to write first thing when I wake up. That will ensure I stay on track. I will set my alarm on my cell phone and free write my morning pages (journal entry) and then focus on my scripts for a couple of hours. I know my mind set is going to want to change once I get off the airplane, but if I plan to stay on track with my writing I can't afford to take the liberty.

I'm glad I got that off my chest. Thanks for tuning in. See you next week from Aruba.

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Vonda said...

Enjoy your vacation. Take lots of pictures and write about the beautiful water and sunrise and sunsets.