Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer Winding Down but Busier than Ever

Is it just me, or are the nights in Connecticut, and for the Northeast in general, a little cooler than usual. On Monday Morning, I opted to go for a jog in my neighborhood rather than to the gym and boy did I feel the fall chill. The temperature was around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes. I'm so not ready for winter. I know I still have to make it through fall, but something in my gut tells me that if we have an Indian summer, it will be short-lived.

Regardless of what the weather brings I will be a busy bee this fall. At work, I'm gearing up for one of the agency's signature events, the 2008 Foster Parent Conference. After that, I'll be working on media publicity for National Adoption Month, which also might mean plans for a local event on National Adoption Day (November 22, 2008).

Outside of work, I'm in rehearsals for Anton in Show Business (opens October 10 at the Oddfellows Playhouse, Middletown, Connecticut for the first weekend and then moves to the Little Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut for the last two weekends). I'm also in pre-production for After the Headlines, a short film I wrote and will direct. Producing a film, even a short film is really time consuming, luckily I have good people helping me me out, thanks, Brandy, Lawrence and others. It's hectic because I'm still trying to secure locations and a couple of key crew positions, but somehow it will get done, it just has to. But before the play and film shoot, I somehow managed to squeeze in a staged reading of If Not You, written by Vonda Kindall (an alumina of Western Connecticut's MFA Professional Writing program) and sponsored by the NY Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at a top-secret location in NYC (think premium cable) in September. And then there are the birthday celebrations for friends I have to attend. It's a whole lot. I just hope I can do it all and execute it well.

Sometimes I wonder why I take so much on, but then I realize this is the dream. So, I've got to give it my best, besides I really enjoy the process, stress aside. I guess I just worry that I'm stretching myself to thin. My boyfriend Karim seems to think I do that, there's a good chance he's right, but at the end of the day, I do what I do, because I think it's helping me get to the next level and I hope the end results will justify my means.

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